Everyone thinks they know who their customer is but do you really know enough to make the right decisions to attract that person to your business?

A Bad Customer Profile

In these two examples I’ll be referencing a customer profile for our web design services through Reimagine Marketing.  Here is an example that, while better than nothing, really gives us zero direction on who that person really is:


Our ideal customer has an ugly old website and realizes that they need to update it so they can look like the professional, current business that they are.


Sounds like a good customer right? The problem is we have no idea where to find this guy. Do we cold call every business in the tri-parish area? Do we just randomly look for ugly websites and call those guys? While both of these techniques can get us new customers, they are a huge time-suck and honestly, a bit like playing pin the tail on the donkey.

A Better Customer Profile

Specificity is the key here. What makes your customer buy? What are their pain points? Where do they hang out? Who do they trust for business advice?


Bill is an independent business owner and has between 5 and 25 employees. His business profits at least $150,000 per year. He still goes in to the office most days but has a good team that keeps things moving while he’s on vacation or spending time with the family.

Bill feels like he has a really good handle on the internal operations of his business but knows that his outward appearance doesn’t quite match that of his larger competitors and the national brands in his niche. Bill is relying on mostly word of mouth and residual business from existing customers but knows that he needs to figure out a way to consistently drive new customers to his business to grow going forward.

Bill has quite a few friends that are also business owners. They fish or hunt together. Their kids play on the same sports teams and go to the same schools. They ask each other for advice.

Because he knows what it takes to make a local business work, Bill tries to do business locally when he can. He banks with a local bank, buys his cars in town, and uses local contractors when he needs A/C or plumbing work done at his house or office.


See how much more detailed that is? We now know a lot more about our customer. We know that he has the time and money to dedicate to our web design project. We know that he will be a great prospect for continued marketing services going forward. We also know that he’s going be an excellent reference when we make his business shine. And we can keep diving in to figure out exactly where to market to Bill so he sees us as the guys to turn to when he’s ready to spend his money.

So How Do You Do This Yourself?

We have a very specific exercise that we go through here at Reimagine Marketing to put together a customer profile for our clients and their products or services. For you, it’s about thinking through a day-in-the-life of your ideal customer. It starts with asking yourself what’s unique about them but also identifying what they DON’T do. Those things can be the most important for figuring out who NOT to target. The wrong customers can be worse than no customers because they take time and energy away from the right customers.

If you’d like help with identifying your best customer, give us a call at the shop or shoot me an email at brian@rushing-media.com.