Millennials have taken over the world!!  It’s true. All grown up and trying their best to keep up with a technology hungry generation Z “iGen”- the most web-savvy, app-friendly generation to date. Technology, being the key maker of any given generation’s identity, has become the new international language. Everyone speaks it. Icons and visually-appeasing content (or the lack thereof) crosses more than just language barriers, but makes continents from opposite sides of the world feel like next door neighbors. This is the world we live in. The real question here is- is your business living in the same world?

“Stories in text bore, stories told visually engageand sell.”

You have 2 seconds to draw them in and 7 seconds to capture them.

1. Show, don’t tell

You shouldn’t rely much on words to tell your story.  Show them. Be consistent. Don’t stray from the message.

2. Context is everything.

If you’re using few words, you will have to rely on the visuals you choose…. this is your context. It starts with your branding but website design, social media posts, exhibition displays, even your store front speaks volumes– adding to (or subtract from) your story.

3. Be personal, be true

Be YOU! Your company is unique because of YOU. People need to know that there’s a person behind the brand– someone to relate, someone they can trust.

4. Focus 

Don’t ramble. (Yes- you can ramble visually just as much as you can verbally) Clean, concise and to the point. Remember: you only have 2 seconds to draw them in and 7 seconds to capture them in.

5. “Keep moving forward…”

Walt Disney lived by these words. Even in death his story continues because Disney was not just a man but a company (today an empire). Your story hasn’t ended. Having a consistent story that grows and moves as the company does keeps consumers interested. Tell it.