Businesses come to us all the time with a plan for spending their money. They know exactly what they want to achieve their goals. Or do they?

What we find is that business owners spend so much time on a daily basis problem solving that they have already identified a need and found the best solution they know of to fix that need. They think that a new logo or a new website will solve all of their problems and get customers beating down the door. And it might, but it’s not that easy.

The problem is that many times, they haven’t really explored deep enough to figure out their ultimate goal or deficiency. They are still spending time trying to fix the symptom rather than the real problem. Also, because they are experts in their field, and not marketing, their proposed solution may not really be the absolute best way to improve their business. 

This leads us to Roadmapping. We have found the Roadmapping process to be the absolute best way to concretely identify the real issues that are preventing your company from being where you want it to be and crafting a comprehensive solution and a path to get you there. 

So what goes into the session.

The Intake Questionnaire

First you will get an intake questionnaire. The questionnaire includes some pretty detailed questions that force you to think hard about your business. 

Once you return the questionnaire to us we pour over it and begin our research. We look at your competitors and figure out what they do right and wrong. We look what you are doing that working and what’s not. We analyze the industry to look for opportunities and things to look out for. Most importantly we take a ton of notes in preparation for the next step of the Roadmapping.

The Discovery Session

The most fun part of the Roadmapping process is the in-person Discovery Session. We schedule this session for half a day at our office. Why do we use our office? First, we have cool A/V capabilities that we’ll use during the session. We can use time much more efficiently when we know how it all works. Second, we can effectively control distractions by getting your out of the office and into ours. Our staff knows there are zero interruptions allowed during Discovery Sessions and it is a sacred time. Third, and most importantly, stepping out of your daily normal forces you to literally think outside of your box (sorry for the cheesy phrase). Solving problems in a new setting helps us come up with new ideas that you may never have thought of before.

When we finish this session, everyone will be mentally exhausted but every single time people tell me that it was one of the most helpful things they’ve ever done for their business.

The Summary Report

A few days after the Discovery Session, you’ll receive a detailed report detailing what we went over in the session, what deficiencies are currently keeping you from attaining your goals, a roadmap explaining exactly what to do to get on the path toward those goals. Between the Discovery Session and the Summary Report, you’ll have enough information to allow anyone to follow the roadmap and help you achieve those goals. Of course, we’d rather if you hire us to partner with but you won’t hurt our feelings too much if you choose to go it alone. And that brings us to the most important reason that we like to start complex engagements off with  Roadmapping. Trust. You’ll be trusting us with some fairly detailed information about your business and hopefully, we gain your trust enough for you to feel comfortable working with us long term. It’s always better to find out that you can’t work with someone after a 3 hour session rather than after a couple of months and thousands of dollars have passed between hands. 

If this is something that you think could be valuable for your business, give us a shout at the office or fill out the contact form below. We’d love to sit down and go over how it all works.